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Eddie Cornwallis

Byelections & Jamie Baillie’s future

July 14 is a test of sorts for Tory Leader Jamie Baillie, 49, with byelections in Cape Breton Centre, Dartmouth South and Sydney-Whitney Pier.

Village Blacksmith Diaries

The Village Blacksmith Diaries

Dear Diary, Just a short entry. I’s up in this thing called Cape Breton. It’s an island almost entirely surrounded by lobster. I’s like it here, but I’s wouldn’t be able to live here.

Frank Cameron

Frank’s waiting for his call from God

I like this pope. I’m not  a Catholic, hell, I’m barely a believer, but I like this guy.

Frank Covers

Open mouth, er, house at CBC N.S.

Open mouth, er, house at CBC N.S.

Set to take a photograph at the CBC N.S. Open House, there’s a tap on my shoulder. Shit, I thought, here we go again.
It was a friend of the rag, a guy I haven’t seen since the long-ago days of the Gerald A. Regan Sexual Escapades Trial.
After pleasantries, he came out with, “Why do you guys (Frank) have such a hard-on for the  CBC?”

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Tempest in a PC teapot

Tempest in a PC teapot

Leave it to victimhood specialists CBC atlantic director Denise Wilson and CBC Nova Scotia’s Journalist-In-Chief Nancy Waugh to just outdo themselves on the CBC Victimhood News Front.
They broke new ground when they allowed members of their own staff to lead the CBC Nova Scotia Victimhood Hit Parade.

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Cape Breton Chit Chat

Mark & Matthew: New Testament nepotism at the Ol’ Lady of Joe Howe Drive

It has been three months, so I thought I would phone to see how that troublesome ol’ workplace probationary period was going.

Hugh Tweedie’s fortune

You can’t drive down Charlotte Street, Sydney, past Harbour Place, the Royal Bank of Canada Building, the TD Bank Building, the old Canadian Tire Building, without thinking of the late Hugh Tweedie.

Media Madness

Dispatches from the Bunker

Was great to see Liz Stevens in Halifax the other week, the talented and fragrant Jill-of-all-Trades who ditched Nova Scotia 20 years ago for the wilds of New Brunswick and a master’s in English.

Mark & Matthew: New Testament nepotism at the Ol’ Lady of Joe Howe Drive

It has been three months, so I thought I would phone to see how that troublesome ol’ workplace probationary period was going.

Frank Letters

Mother of dragons!

Dear Frank: I knew I saw that Mother Canada thingy somewhere before. It’s in Braavos right? East of Westeros across the Narrow Sea, yeah? I knew it.
Mother Goose, Winterfell

Separated at birth!

Dear Frank: My long-lost brother! What have you been up to? A container port in Sydney, eh? My empirical obervations tell me that’s hardly a rational notion.
Conrad Black, Toronto

Urban Undulations

Doc Jennie & her unmentionables kicked out of Armdale Yacht Club

Frank Magazine has learned that Dr. Jennifer Knight has been banned for life from the Armdale Yacht Club for her recent shenanigans, which culminated in a loud argument at the AYC last month, resulting in a visit from police (Frank 718).

What’s up at Shubie?

For those looking to pitch a tent this summer season at beautiful Shubie Park Campground, the park’s website has a few hints that might help extend those poles.

Speaker's Corner

Rubbing shoulders with tradition at the LG's Annual Garden Party

I enjoy the LG’s Annual Garden Party. It’s colourful. It’s a close-up and personal with the movers and shakers, whoever. It provides copy. It’s  a lovely back yard, and generally the babes look damn good in their garden party bonnets.

And now for something completely different...

“There’s something to be said for tradition,” my colleague told me as we made our way to Government House for the Lieutenant Governor’s Garden Party. Indeed there is something to be said. But you’re not supposed to say four-letter words at a garden party, so I kept my thoughts to myself.

Wanker of the Week

Meddling do-gooders & Beer League Hockey

Do you ever wonder why people lose it? Do you ever wonder why people move out to the country and paint their mail box blue? Do you ever wonder why people, when they move out to the country and paint their mailbox blue, routinely retreat to the woods heavily armed?

Wankers of the Week: Cowan, Mercer, Oliver and their ilk

It’s not about you. It’s never been about you.
It’s about the money. It’s about their money, which is actually our money. But we forget that from to time to time.
Forget? It’s so easy to forget, isn’t it?

Law & Disorder

Former Bubba Ray’s boy Daniel faces ex in court

You can take the boy out of the sports bar, but you can’t take the sports bar out of the boy.

Nurse Glug-Glug saved by the 12-Step bell

Provincial Court Judge Marc Chisholm faced a tough decision in his courtroom on June 16. Is it better to let a drunk driver off easy, knowing they might eventually climb behind the wheel and kill someone?

Guy Pothier

From the snail darter to Mother Canada

Remember the snail darter? This was the previously unknown and unloved fish species that environmentalists rallied around in Oregon almost 30 years ago to protest a proposed dam.

The ‘cultural genocide’ debate

The release of the report by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on aboriginal residential schools has engendered much anguished discussion, especially its use of the term cultural genocide.

Bevboy's Radio Daze

Valley of Fear / South Shore

Chester bizman Georg’s child-porn troubles

As the old saying goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. And when we’re assessing someone’s social size in Nova Scotia, it’s hard to find anyone bigger than the entrepreneur who’s made it big on the international market.

Northern N.S. News

Elementary school principals behaving badly: Brian MacIsaac, missing in action

On June 15, G.R. Saunders Elementary School vice-principal Fraser Green summoned all staff for a brief meeting.