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Eddie Cornwallis

Who’s wagging the dog inside Premier Stephen McNeil’s office?

I suppose the general consensus would be that after two years on the job you’re better at your job than when you first started.
Not sure if that’s the case with Premier Stephen McNeil, and by extension, his Liberal Government.

Village Blacksmith Diaries

The Village Blacksmith Diaries...

Dear Diary, I always likes to ends da year on a high note. You knows da ol’ sayin’ nothin’ entered, nothin’ gained.
So, I’s been gainin’a lotta experience on aeroplanes lately. Flyin’ high all over da world.

Frank Cameron

Frank’s in the crosswalk, but NOT the Paris crosswalk...

An old man returns to Paris, as every old man must. He finds the winter winds blow cold, his dreams have turned to dust.
Not this old man.

Frank Covers

Andrew Younger's (last) very merry junket

Andrew Younger's (last) very merry junket

I guess we can now officially call it The Andrew Younger Farewell Tour, his last waltz, if you will. At least as a cabinet minister.
But the Andrew Younger Cabinet Minister Farewell Tour just doesn’t sound sexy. Certainly not sexy enough for the Honourable Independent Member for Dartmouth East.

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Spooking horses: the Colleen Jones story

Spooking horses: the Colleen Jones story

Some days Frank managing editor Andrew Douglas doesn’t like me much.
Like, last Thursday afternoon on or about 3:10, just as I was getting that usual craving for happy hour at Niche, along comes Andrew and plops this hardcover book on my desk. Thump.
I looked down at the thing and it reads, Throwing Rocks At Houses: My Life In And Out of Curling by Colleen Jones.

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Cape Breton Chit Chat

Young Hunter shoots & scores

The Addams... er, um, the Bettens family of Glace Bay got an early Christmas present courtesy of Supreme Court Justice Arthur LeBlanc the other day.

Sydney radio veterans turfed by Christmas grinch

Next time you flick on CJCB, CKPE or CHER and hear the odious sound of Maritime Broadcasting System’s Cape Breton sales manager Alan Peddle urging you to “shop local” this Christmas season in order to keep jobs in the community, be sure and keep one thing in mind.

Media Madness

Rankling the NSTU’s rank & file

If there isn’t already a schism between the leadership and the rank and file of the Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union, Eric Boutilier is doing his level best to create one.

Paying the teachers: N.S. vs the ROC

According to the CD Howe Institute, Nova Scotia is a great place to begin a teaching career, compared to anywhere in Canada (tell us something we don’t know — ed.).

Frank Letters

Colleen the polarizing...

Dear Frank: Re: Throwing Rocks At Colleen Jones, by Cliff Boutilier, Frank 729
I was a sports reporter when Colleen Jones first started. She worked very hard to learn the craft... more than I can say about some others covering the scene.

He’s behind me, isn’t he?

Dear Frank: For shame, Frank Magazine.
Although you saw fit to identify Pictou East Conservative MLA Tim Houston in your recent election night photo spread, you didn’t bother naming the other noted Pictou County boy who graced that very same frame.

Urban Undulations

More troubled waters for yacht club panty doc Jennifer

It’s safe to say that Dr. Jennifer Knight will be pleased to see the arse end of 2015.

Ex-galpal lifts veil on Francis Fares

Former Halifax realtor Chelsea Charlong wasn’t on the witness stand for 30 seconds before Mick Ryan stood to render an objection.
If you’re at all familiar with the situation, you might be able to guess what he objected to.

Speaker's Corner

What a difference a Sir Day makes

What do you give to the man who has everything? Why, more of the same, of course!
Judson Graham Day was invested as an officer of the Order of Canada in Ottawa on November 18, along with such luminaries of Canuckle society as Mark Carney and Chris Hadfield.

Rankling the NSTU’s rank & file

If there isn’t already a schism between the leadership and the rank and file of the Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union, Eric Boutilier is doing his level best to create one.

Wanker of the Week

Mario Lemieux, Wanker of the Week

One day after Sirius XM hockey analyst Matthew Barnaby suggested on his show that all might not be well between Mario Lemieux and his star, Sidney Crosby, the notoriously media-averse Pittsburgh Penguins co-owner took to the team’s Twitter account to shoot down the story.

Kirby McVicar, Wanker of the Week

High stakes, secret voice recordings, sex, power, political intrigue, personal drama, heroes and villains, good versus evil, ambition and annihilation, expansive egos, betrayal and revenge, daring exploits, the inevitable and mighty collision of maniacal forces.

Law & Disorder

The real legacy of Baddeck's Skip and Dot MacKenzie

Candle In The Wind is legendary rocker Elton John’s mournful hymn dedicated to Marilyn Monroe.
There’s a line in the song which goes something like, “Even when you died, oh, the press still hounded you, all the papers had to say was that Marilyn was found in the nude...”

Fall River Fitzone guy's mugshot

When the Fit Zone gym in Fall River closed unexpectedly on October 22, a sign appeared on the door stating that the leaseholder, J. Stephen Lalonde of Be Great Sports Training & Fitness, had been evicted for failure to pay his rent.

Guy Pothier

Some final thoughts, after the long campaign

Cultural Practices
Conservatives have proposed a barbaric cultural practices hotline to accompany their legislation outlawing barbaric cultural practises. One guess as to what group they have in mind.

Last kick at the can before Oct. 19

This will be my last chance here to comment on the election before October 19.
At times during this campaign, party leaders have been running not so much against one another, as against prevailing impressions of the parties they are leading.

Bevboy's Radio Daze

Valley of Fear / South Shore

Get yer student crash pad here!

The opportunity of a lifetime awaits you, dear Franklanders, and it awaits you in Beautiful Downtown Wolfville! (I never even considered looking there! — ed.)

Northern N.S. News

Who is Amy Hood’s legal angel?

Is the Nova Scotia Teacher’s Union paying Amy Hood’s legal bills?
It’s an assumption that many people have, and I would love nothing more than to put a stake in it. Alas, I cannot. The NSTU (Shelley Morse, prop.) has been avoiding my enquiries on this matter for weeks.