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Senator Patrick Brazeau finally gets a respectable job

by Andrew Douglas
Senator Patrick Brazeau finally gets a respectable job

Patrick Brazeau to write for Frank Magazine? A Global Ottawa reporter I spoke to sounded incredulous at the idea. She asked me a question that boiled down to: "why not a real reporter?" My answer? "How friggin' boring would THAT be?"

Listen, here's the deal: Frank Magazine exists,  to paraphrase a famous quote, to comfort the afflicted, and be a pain the arse to the comfortable. And who could possibly be a bigger pain in the arse to, I dunno, just throwin' out some names here, Senators LeBreton, Tkachuk and Stewart-Olsen than their former colleague, Patrick Brazeau? Can't you just picture it?

Frank Magazine reporter Patrick Brazeau: "Senator LeBreton, how do you feel about Frank Magazine calling you a PMO lickspittle? (see link here). Also, are you nervous about possibly being the target of an obstruction of justice investigation since those recently-released RCMP documents suggest you lied to police about your role in Senategate? Senator LeBreton, why are you running away from me? You're wearing heels, Senator LeBreton, that's dangerous! Senator LeBreton?"

Yeah, I can picture it.  

If you're in Ottawa, newly-minted Frank Magazine reporter Patrick Brazeau plans to visit 607-150 Wellington Street, Parliamentary Press Galley hq, at 1pm EST today to drop off his accreditation papers.  Drop by and say hi if you like! 















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