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Jul 8 , 2014


Breaking: Halifax Pride chair addresses internal fraud allegations

by Andrew Speller
Breaking: Halifax Pride chair addresses internal fraud allegations

While Halifax Regional Police still can't locate Christopher Scullino, the former vice-chair of Halifax Pride who stands accused of skimming from the non-profit (Frank 693), Frank Magazine has learned that almost $17,000 is missing as a result of the Timmins, Ontario native's alleged embezzlement spree. But current Halifax Pride chair Ramona Westgate says she can't say much more, as police have advised the organization not to disclose details about the ongoing investigation.

"We found out after last year's festival," Ramona tells me. 

"Legal advice was sought and the information was released to the membership at our AGM last September, so the membership has known since (then). Once we realized there were discrepancies, we were unable to reach (Chris)". 

Christopher Daniel J. Scullino, 27, stands accused of one count apiece of fraud and theft over $5,000, and one count of possession of the stolen loot. Court papers filed in May allege Chris was lining his pockets between April and September of last year.

Since I broke the story on June 19, countless emails and phone messages left with media gal Fiona Kirkpatrick Parsons, communications director Dylan White, community director Patrick Breton - not to mention Ramona herself - have gone unanswered. But both Ramona and Dylan unwittingly paid the Frank bunker a visit July 8 after reporter Mike Gorman noticed the pair was out on the town handing out "pride guides" and requested via Twitter that they bring one along to our unmarked office. 

Dylan - who was featured in the mag last year after he accused a bouncer at Reflections of beating him up, only to later realize via security camera footage that his injuries were self-inflicted as a result of a drunken fall (Frank 656) - perhaps understandably stood just inside the door and let Ramona do the talking. 

Possibly out of a desire to not offend the gay community, no other media has displayed any interest in this story to date.

Meantime, Halifax Regional Police spokesthingy Const. Pierre Bourdages says that despite a warrant being issued for the accused back when the charges were first laid, they still don't know where he is. The regular stuff - visiting friends and former employers and old addresses and whatnot - doesn't seem to be bearing any fruit. Since police don't have the foggiest where he is, an arraignment date has not yet been set.

Christopher was elected to the board of Halifax Pride in 2012, and was presumably un-elected sometime between the discovery of the missing money - Ramona says precisely $16,474 is unaccounted for, exactly $1,474 more than the province of Nova Scotia gave to Pride this year - and his disappearance from the face of the earth.

Chris, who goes by Christopher Daniel (Huey Ewing) on Facebook, hasn't been active on social media since March.

The 10-day Pride Week festival in Halifax kicks off July 17.

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