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District 7 candidate Mike MacDonell's bold vision

by Andrew Douglas
Every once in awhile, though it feels as though it's happening more
and more often as of late, I come across a news story which has as
its core some foolish quality born from the need of one
organization or another to remain politically correct even when it
flies in the face of all logic and reason.
This week, the award for most ludicrous use of the politically
correct shield goes out to the Saint Mary's University Students'
Association, or more specifically VP of student affairs Mike
MacDonell, for banning the SMUdent Gaming society's harmless and
blatantly inoffensive poster which featured a Nintendo Zapper for
looking too gun-like.
Student affairs veep/current District 7 Council Candidate Mike
explains in an interview in today's Herald that SMUSA's policy
doesn't allow any poster that could damage the reputation of the
university community to be used. "...We've got over 100 countries
around the world and countless languages spoken, what we have to
remember here is that a picture speaks 1,000 words, it crosses all
language barriers. And, that being said, a picture depicting or
making light of gun violence is something that we as an association
are not willing to endorse" Mike says. 
Though Mike manages to make the poster in question sound quite
nefarious, as though it showcased children skipping around a
maypole with AK-47's in hand, no actual depiction of gun violence
or making light of gun violence actually takes place. In addition
to completely blowing out of proportion the issue of the Nintendo
Zapper graphic, Mike's suggestion that the imagery of a joystick
and Nintendo Zapper may be confusing to non-English speakers mildly
offensive. I would personally be surprised if ESL students weren't
able to recognize iconic gaming imagery easily on sight, and
consider the notion that they couldn't more than a little
Also, does it not strike anyone else as a little weird that Mike
seems to be hell bent on coming off as a humourless stuffed shirt
at the ripe old age of 22? 
"After 2+ years of working both abroad and regionally, shifting
between politics and the private sector I felt this was an
opportunity close to home that presented a new challenge in which
I couldn’t pass up," declares Mike on his SMU bio page, sounding
for all the world like nobody told him he's a third year university
student, and not a Fortune 500 CEO. 
But then, I see he's executive vice-president of the Nova Scotia
Young Tory Pig Dogs, not to mention vp of the Dartmouth East  PC
Association, so I guess what do you expect. 

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