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The Reeling of Ryan

by Mikaela Gorman

By now, you've likely heard, read, or seen for yourself the general beating-behind-the-woodshed American VP Joe Biden gave to Randian whippersnapper Paul Ryan at last nights' Vipper debate (a show that has long been considered the "too much bread" eaten before the "main course" of American federal elections (a consideration that may have since moved to the primaries)). Not a man of Pres. Obama's controlled tone and tension-deescalating manner, Biden came roaring out of his corner, compared to his boss' previous performance, boldly laughing in the face of a man who likely takes himself entirely too seriously. Ryan stumbled here and there, as expected, brow-beaten by the (very) long-time Washington insider. Then, at some point, whether because of Joltin' Joe, or as a pre-planned talking point, Paul pointed North (metaphorically), and proclaimed that America should look "overseas" to Canada, for examples of successful corporate-tax cuts (a "fact" many of us up here would disagree with, but at least not the rabid nonsense of Romney's appearance).

By now, it's likely that you've built an image of these men in your head, who they are, how they behave, what they believe, and ifit's anything like mine, it's closer to Dorian Gray than Oscar Wilde. I didn't personally believe that vipper-to-consider Paul was necessarily an idiot, just an ideologue (of an idea that is mostly morally bankrupt). But after last night, I may have to further lower the bar, when it comes to my opinion of Ryan the man and the politician. Paul's job, as it is, is as congressional representative for the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin, for those not familiar with North America, is on the southern border of Michigan,and to the East of Minnisota. Though not touching Canada directly, we do share some Great Lakes, which some pundits have noted he may have meant when he said "overseas". But that still means this man doesn't know the difference between a lake, and a sea, and is beside the point. Paul Ryan knows better, or at least he should. Trade between our countries along that part of the border is swift and of the utmost importance, and as a congressman for the state, he would have likely had meetings with equal representatives from bordering Canadian ridings/provinces/cities.

Not to mention (which of course we must) his latest assurances that Romney/Ryan would push through Keystone, more or less regardless of what we may decide way up here. It's no surprise of course that Ryan, and of course Romney, are obnoxiously pro-American Exceptionalism, and that's fine. That's their prerogative as Americans. What is a surprise is that anyone would fall for that nonsense in this day and age, as their economy slips ever backwards, and the state of the national education is such that the potential Vice President can and will say something utterly idiotic, and not immediately be dumped from the ticket for being a buffoon. If not saying only what they think the American voter wants to hear, they're usually saying something blindingly ignorant, yet the money keeps flowing in from supporters, regardless of how far they fall. Last night, the Republican habit of playing fast and loose finally hit a wall, albeit potentially a faster, looser form of man in VP Joe Biden, but hit a wall they did nonetheless. America finally saw a hint of the truth, an idea of how not only the democrats would hopefully defeat them, but how the American system itself may correct the glaring unbalance in its political parties. They finally saw someone of moderate authority, rather than engage these nuts and fools on their own ground, laugh in their face, and for it the fearsome Republican only became more foolish.

I will consider that a good sign of things to come.

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