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Things I Hate This Week

by Amanda Spriggs

Things I Hate This Week (in no particular order):


Paper Mills. Seriously, I am so over discussion surrounding paper mills. I find people trying to sell them to me as a sustainable

industry mentally exhausting, and I'm done trying to pretend I can sympathize with anyone who thinks they are. Done.


Sexy Costumes. Obviously I don't hate all sexy costumes, but I wish ladies would leave sexiness to costumes of the naughty nurse or

sexy kitten variety. Seeing articles showing women how to make themselves into a sexy zombie (totally missing the point of what a

zombie is) or sexy Bert and Ernie seems more than a little distasteful, at best and just irreverent and disrespectful of the

spirit of Halloween, at worst.


Elections. At this point in the municipal election campaigns (not to mention the Presidential race happening down South)I am close to

not giving a flying fig newton about who is actually elected, so long as it is over soon. I started following/covering the election

news with the vigor and fresh attitude of an 18 year old about to vote for the first time, but now feel more like a jaded 70

something who could care less about casting a ballot. Honestly,it's gotten so bad that even the mayoral candidate I'm pulling for

is starting to annoy me with his posturing.


Terry Jones. I hate Terry Jones, and don't care remotely that border services caught him on a technicality and denied him access

to our country. Free speech is good, censorship is bad, but Terry Jones is just the worst. Please, let's just collectively ignore

Terry Jones until he disappears not just from our border but also the news.


Jerry Sandusky. 


Rape Culture. The mere mention of the suggestion that a woman or girl was 'asking for it', or victim blaming, makes me absolutely

sick. It's rare that I'm able to read a story regarding sexual assault or harassment online without some hint that the victim was

to blame. At best the negative connotations are reserved for the comments section, which is almost equally as revolting.


Sussex, NB. The town of Sussez wants to shut down a sex store which opened recently called Intimate Desires by Crystal. Various media

outlets have reported that town officials are saying the store is adult entertainment and violates the municipal plan. Sussex, if you

don't want people to think you're a horribly backwards hick town, try not acting like it.



SMUSA. For those not in the know, SMUSA banned a poster advertising a get together of gamers, as referenced in a previous blog of mine,

from campus for displaying the iconic Nintendo Zapper (best known for its use in the game of Duck Hunt over 20 years ago) suggesting

that it made light of gun violence and questioning its appropriateness. Seriously. After the story blew up in

international media with SMUSA being mocked for their silly censorship, SMUSA VP and local council candidate Mike MacDonnell

back-tracked completely, most recently telling Sun News that the poster he saw portrayed in the media wasn't the one he banned and

that he would have approved the one they have now. Though relenting on the issue of the poster, SMUSA continued to blunder through

their Sun News interview saying that while the poster was okay, the actual Nintendo Zapper used to play the game duck hunt would not be

permitted at the campus bar during the gathering of gamers as, again, that would be akin to promoting gun violence. SMUSA changed

course again after their interview and said Duck Hunt with Nintendo Zappers would be allowed at the gaming event. So thanks, Saint

Mary's Student's Association, for representing the student's of Saint Mary's just as I'm sure they wanted to be; spineless,

politically correct and blundering fools.

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