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Upper Canadian notes Bluenose outlaw biker scribbling

by Andrew Douglas
 Upper Canadian notes Bluenose outlaw biker scribbling

I see where Upper Canada's London Free Press has taken notice of my organ's interest in Nova Scotia's ever-expanding outlaw biker universe.

In a July 8 piece filed in that Sun Media-owned fishwrapper, veteran scribbler Randy Richmond is, not surprisingly, particularly interested in the bits of my reportage concerning full-patch London Hells Angels fella David "Hammer" Macdonald.

The veteran outlaw biker, 46ish, has been identified as the architect of the Hells Angels' latest foray into Nova Scotia. 

"(Hammer) has family ties to Nova Scotia, according to Andrew Douglas, a Halifax Frank Magazine writer who is investigating the status of Hells Angels hang-arounds in the province," scribe Randy writes.

You can read the full text of Randy's story here.

Meantime, I understand Hammer is expected in the province this weekend, at which time he is expected to make stops at the newly-minted Hells Angels hang-around clubhouse in Musquodoboit Harbour (formerly the Eastern Shore Gate Keepers' lair), and will probably throw in a visit with his grampy in New Glasgow, too. It's too bad Hammer couldn't have paid a visit to that neck of the woods last weekend, when the Pictou County Gate Keepers had their glorious, gleaming hogs on display for a Show n' Shine shindig. Interestingly, I hear a handful of Gate Keepers who formerly showed Cape Breton on their bottom rockers turned up at the event in New Glasgow displaying Pictou County as their territory.

The Cape Breton Gate Keepers were booted out of their Sydney clubhouse this winter following an internal club schism caused by the airing of their dirty laundry in Frank. 

Next week, I understand the majority of the new Hells Angels hang-arounds in Nova Scotia - along with several of their Gate Keepers puppets - will head to Ottawa for an annual national run, which is expected to attract up to 900 outlaw bikers from across Canada.

At presstime, there was no word on whether this full-patch Gate Keepers Kings County fella I saw at Chebucto Landing today - identified to me by a source as Steve Strickland, thanks to his telltale grey and white camouflage pants - plans on making the trek.


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