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Hunting for True Blue at the Port Hawkesbury Walmart
Hunting for True Blue at the Port Hawkesbury Walmart

Det-Const. Daniel Roy and Det-Const. Marc Gauvin.

    Almost a year after the RCMP called in the Ontario Provincial Police to determine who leaked 911 tapes and other material to Paul Palango, the Nighttime Podcast and Frank Magazine, investigators don't appear to be any further ahead on the file.
   The RCMP announced last summer that the OPP had been tasked with the probe, a month after Frank published the material. The leaker - who also provided the Big Stop Enfield security videos, among other things - was identified only by the handle True Blue.
   Retired N.S. Mountie Cathy Mansley tells Frank that a pair of OPP detectives tracked her down yesterday (June 8) at her place in Richmond County, Cape Breton, and she subsequently agreed to a meet-up in the parking lot of the Walmart in Port Hawkesbury.
   “He did ask me specifically if I knew this ‘Blue, whatever’ named guy, and did I know who that was,” she tells me of the interview, which took place in a rented yellow Kia SUV over perhaps 15 minutes. 
   “He said, ‘do you have any idea who would release something like that?’”

Frank MAgazine

    She says both Det-Const. Daniel Roy and Det-Const. Marc Gauvin sat in the vehicle with her. The one sitting behind the driver did most of the talking, and they both provided her with business cards.
   She said she didn't know the answer to their main questions, and asked why on Earth they would think she would. 
   “They said, they started this investigation last June, they’ve been speaking to a lot of people, and when they speak to people someone else’s name comes up, and someone else’s name comes up, so it keeps on broadening the scope of it”.
   They also said they spend a lot of time on social media and are paying close attention to Jordan Bonaparte’s Nighttime Podcast. It was just last Sunday, I should tell you, when Nighttime published video on YouTube of a recent launch of Paul Palango’s best-selling book on the massacres, 22 Murders, during which Cathy was a guest speaker. (Getting closer to cracking the case!-ed.)

cathy mansley and palango.png

Cathy Mansley and Paul Palango are seen in a still from Nova Scotia's answer to the Zapruder film (Nighttime Podcast)

    Frank readers might remember that Cathy isn’t shy about discussing the emotional and physical abuse she suffered while serving in Halifax County. She left the force in 2020 and received a financial settlement with NDA’s all around.
   “‘If there’s any criminal code or provincial laws that are broken,’ he said, ‘people are gonna be charged’”, one cop apparently promised. 
   “He said, do you know Frank Magazine, who owns Frank Magazine? I said, ‘no, I don’t know who owns it, but I know a guy that’s involved with it, Andrew Douglas… and he was like, ‘Do you know him very well,’ and I said ‘I met him once, at Paul’s book-signing in Halifax.” 
   “He said, ‘Did Paul ever mention to you who (True Blue) is?’, and I said ‘no, but I would never ask him that.’”
   They also asked how often she speaks with Paul, and whether or not she has ever provided him with information.
   “If I know something and Paul asks me,” she answered, simply. 
   “I said I support the person who divulged the information. I support what Frank Magazine and Paul Palango are doing, because they’re getting the truth out. I said, ‘the RCMP are the one who should be investigated’”. (Getting colder now…-ed.)
   Last November, Frank reported that RCMP headquarters on Garland Avenue in Dartmouth was overrun with up to a dozen OPP personnel prepared to leave no stone unturned while investigating the leak (Frank 858), which revealed the Queen’s Cowboys knew a lot more than they let on from the very beginning of Gabriel Wortman’s murderous rampage in April of 2020.
   At the time, I rang up ‘H’ Division headquarters with an offer to assist our out-of-town guests with their inquiries. The gal who answered the phone took my information down and promised to “send your message along to the officer involved,” but a return phone call never came. 
   The cops told Mansley that while they’re leaving Nova Scotia tomorrow (June 10), plans for a third trip east are already in the works. 
   Gauvin, I understand, is originally from New Glasgow and welcomes the opportunity to return to his home province for some official investigatin’. (Two more trips might be wise. The water at the Merb is warmest in late August, and then maybe take a shot back for Celtic Colours in the fall?-ed.)

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